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Target: Chicago and surrounding suburbs

Company Background: Designfirst Builders is a premier Chicago home remodeling company and all-inclusive design/build firm. They are a boutique style, family-oriented company that truly cares about its clients. They take a lot of pride in everything we do to ensure every project is handled with the best care.

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DesignFirst Builders offers a personal team to create your own customized dream project. Whether you want a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and basement remodel, home and room additions, or design, DesignFirst has a designer, architect, project manager, and client advocate to see your project all the way through from start to finish.

Challenge: DesignFirst Builders hired a Chicagoland company to create a new website promoting the various home remodeling projects they completed for local clients.

DesignFirst's original websie

Sadly, as time passed, the site was unable to handle the hundreds of images uploaded to the server, causing load times to skyrocket.

Pingdom before

-The saturation of images, combined with unnecessary or outdated tools, made the website very slow to load and virtually inaccessible to any visitor.

  • The home page was missing calls-to-action(s) which directly motivate the visitor into becoming a client and are one of the easiest methods for clients to contact the business.
  • Without a reliable website, reliable call to actions, and reliable SEO, DesignFirst’s reviews were stagnant and did not move for some time.
  • None of the pages had any pinpointed keywords that allow users on Google to easily find them.

Search engine visibility is also a crucial part of online advertisement. Google algorithms reward pages that use keywords organically with a higher ranking and greater visibility during related searches. The lack of keywords also could have cost DesignFirst Builders more potential clients.

Solution: Rather than continuing their investment with this Chicagoland company, DesignFirst Builders decided to go a new route. After scouring the internet and analyzing various proposals, DesignFirst Builders decided on another local company, eBizUniverse, to help them with their lack of SEO, their under-performing home page, and other possible issues.

First, eBizUniverse would re-design existing website to cut the speed (load time) in half, add call-to-action’s throughout the site, and adjust the footer.

eBizUniverse would also add keywords throughout the site for SEO purposes in order to rank DesignFirst higher in Google searches.

Results: After eBizUniverse completed the required changes and Google re-indexed the pages, the number of leads each week jumped astronomically by 320%! The eBizUniverse team could see (via Google Analytics) the increased percentage of daily, weekly, and monthly users compared to prior time frames.

The website speed dramatically increased (load time was cut by more than 70%) after the eBizUniverse team looked at and completed necessary adjustments.

Site speed after:

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Page views + traffic increase:

Page views + total traffic increase

Between the functioning webpage, improved SEO tactics, and the use of city-focused landing pages, DesignFirst Builders was able to grow its page visitors at a significant rate. The greater visibility of the business can lead to more clients and more profit.

Increased leads over time

At the same time, eBizUniverse also launched Facebook and Google display ads to further reach new clients. These ads targeted specific demographics chosen by DesignFirst Builders and refined by eBizUniverse. Even though these tasks were not part of DesignFirst Builders’ original concerns, the experienced employees at eBizUniverse noticed the missed opportunity to expand the company’s influence and took the initiative in proposing new ideas.

Thanks to eBizUniverse’s overall improvements, DesignFirst Builders can focus on providing new and existing customers with numerous building and remodeling services, while the upgrades continue to cultivate the customer base.

Completed goals thru 05-16-2019

In terms of reviews, DesignFirst was able to ask for and earn dozens of new 5-star reviews after the website tasks were complete

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