“Everything about this company is amazing!”

Profile Background:

An agency with a leading insurance company was battling negative reviews and mentions across several reputable consumer reporting websites such as, but not limited to:

  • Ripoff Report
  • Pissed Consumer
  • Glassdoor

This agency’s online reputation was crumbling before their eyes and were overwhelmed with how to revise and revamp their online reputation.

These detrimental mentions were trickling down and impacting the agency when it came to acquiring new employees, retaining their current team as well as procuring and maintaining clients.


These unfavorable negative mentions were on the first page of Google’s search results when searching for the agency by name. This led to:

  • Damaged Online Reputation
  • Difficulty Obtaining New Clients
  • Losing Customers
  • Numerous Negative Top Search Engine Results
  • Problems Finding a New Employees
  • Trouble Maintaining Current Team Members


Due to these negative articles showing up so distinctly they opted to hire a professional online reputation management company, eBizUniverse after considering several others.

To repair and rebuild this company’s Online Reputation, eBizUniverse, put together a custom Online Reputation strategy that included:

  • Implementing proprietary strategies to take down sites that were displaying negative information
  • Flooded the first page of Google with positive content about the company
  • Published a total of 32 positive articles written by our creative team
  • Pushed down negative results through our 5 step system
  • Created dozens of listings on 3rd party sites that emphasized the company name
  • Published optimized images so when searching, those images would come up for company related keyword searches
  • Published several optimized videos so they come up in Google searches
  • Created several new social media profiles, keyword being the company name
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
  • Created Positive Content Emphasizing Company Name
    • Documents
    • Gmail
    • Photos
    • Press
    • Releases
    • Video
      • Embed Videos to Website
    • Designed, Developed and Launched a New Website
    • Published Press Releases
    • Implemented Process to Clean Up Google’s Suggested Keywords


eBizUniverse Virtually Eliminated the Negative Search Results.

  • In 6-7 Months eBizUniverse Pushed All Negative Results including RipOff Report and Pissed Consumer from the 1st Page to 2nd Page
  • Within the first 9 – 12 Months All Bad Results Pushed Down to 4th Page