“It Changed My Life”

Profile Background:

A Director level executive had a defaming article broadcasted across the internet. This negative article was prominently shown in search results when researching her. This damaging information was preventing her from obtaining job offers and as a result she approached a company to help repair her online reputation and when that organization was not successful with repairing her online reputation she reached out to eBizUniverse to resolve her situation.


The negative article about her was on the first page of Google’s results when searching her name. Due to this negative article showing up so prominently, potential employers saw that negative article when researching her. This negative article was damaging her reputation and in turn preventing her from acquiring a new job. Initially, she hired a company in 2019 she found via internet search to help repair her online reputation but their services failed. As a result, she was still stuck with her unfavorable online reputation due to the negative article.

  • Damaged Online Reputation
  • Negative Search Engine Results
  • Problems Finding a New Job


Frustrated with the lack of results, she once again turned to the internet in hopes of finding a more reliable organization to repair her damaged online reputation. This search brought her to eBizUniverse, a leader in online reputation management (ORM) solutions. After a few meetings to better understand the problem she was facing as well as the solution eBizUniverse presented, she was happy to sign on the dotted line and begin her new journey to repair, manage and maintain her online reputation with eBizUniverse.

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Negative Article Suppression
  • Positive Search Engine Results
  • Managed and Monitored Social Media Profiles
  • SEO – Keyword Implementation
  • Inherited Website & Edited for SEO
  • Inherited Unmonitored Social Media Profiles
  • Created and Effectively Utilized Social Media Profiles
  • Created and Promoted YouTube Video Series to Maximize SEO


eBizUniverse took on this project full force and in doing so there were a handful of unmonitored social media profiles inherited. The eBizUniverse team evaluated the existing social media profiles and created additional profiles to assist in boosting her online reputation across all social media platforms. With these existing and new social media profiles eBizUniverse was able to publish posts, articles and videos to improve her online reputation across the internet. eBizUniverse was able to monitor 150 managerial profiles simultaneously on her behalf. Through the development, utilizing and monitoring of these social media profiles, eBizUniverse was able to repair her online reputation. These accounts presented her in a good light on the first page of search engine results thus fixing her online reputation by not having the defaming article be prominent.


Utilizing her various online profiles, coupled with a new YouTube video series, eBizUniverse was able to successfully repair her online reputation. The negative article that was ruining her reputation is no longer showing on the first three pages of Google. In fact, the first three pages of Google are filled with accounts, links and articles displaying this Director level employee in a professional and reputable manner. eBizUniverse successfully and tactically pushed the negative article beyond the 4th page of Google’s search results and in its place went her new videos, blogs and other social sites that are now effectively managed. The eBizUniverse team continues to monitor her online accounts which helps stabilize her online reputation. The eBizUniverse team also optimized her personal website through powerful SEO implementation and keyword ranking to maintain its #1 position on Google.

  • Successful Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Online Reputation Repaired
  • Negative Article Suppressed
  • Positive Search Engine Results
  • Created, Managed and Monitored Social Media Profiles
  • Found New Job
  • First Page Spots in Search Engine Results