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Google recently made an announcement that it’s Structured Data Testing Tool will be replaced with the Rich Results Tool that is newly out of beta.


This is what Google said in favor of the Rich Results Tool…


Here are some reasons the new tool will serve you better:

  • It shows which Search feature enhancements are valid for the markup you are providing.
  • It handles dynamically loaded structured data markup more effectively.
  • It renders both mobile and desktop versions of a result.
  • It is fully aligned with Search Console reports.


But this revelation does not seem to have gone down well with technical SEOs even when Google has assured that…


“…the Rich Results Test fully supports all Google Search rich result features.”


This could be because most SEOs like to see reporting on ALL Schemas and not just what qualifies as a Google ‘Rich Result’. And Google confirmed that this isn’t what the tool is designed for in the above statement.


For instance, Webpage and Article markup do not qualify as rich results, which is why it isn’t picking them up. So SEOs think that they are in a way losing a tool that served a different purpose than the one it’s being replaced with.


A page was tested on both the Rich Results Tool and the Structured Data Testing Tool. Below is the result of the Structured Data Testing Tool.




The result from the Rich Results Testing Tool is as follows…




What Can Be Done

In case you use the Structured Data Testing Tool, there is no need to panic. The Rich Results Tool has its own set of benefits to offer. When it comes to troubleshooting schema that qualifies for rich results and also allowing an easy preview of schema, the Rich Results Tool is quite effective.


Also, there are several other tools that can be used as an alternative to validate schema that is currently not been offered at Google rich results.


Listen to what John Mueller said on this, in this Google hangout, on the 21st of July.


The Structured Data Testing Tool will be still available as Google does not plan to take it out right away. However, in the long run, they plan to keep just one single tool instead of two tools. We will keep you updated on Google’s upcoming announcements until then you can think of something that can efficiently be used instead of the Structured Data Testing Tool when it will be eventually replaced.


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Google recently launched the new Black-owned attribute to Google My Business on July 30, where relevant businesses can tag themselves. Just like the way we see Veteran-led or Women-led in the Highlights section of any business listing, this new attribute will also be seen the same way.




Here’s Google’s word on the newest attribute:

With this attribute, our goal is to make Search and Maps more inclusive and help support Black-owned businesses when they need it most.


“Everyone who comes into this store is welcome,” says Janet Jones, founder, and co-owner of the Detroit-based Source Booksellers. “For us, being Black-owned means serving the community we’re in.”


By adding the attribute, people using Google Search and Maps can see Source Booksellers is Black-owned, and easily extend their support by purchasing one of their products, leaving a great review and sharing their Business Profile with others looking for their next book.


What you can do: If this newest attribute applies to you or your clients’ business, start by reading Google’s full announcement as they’ve also introduced a collection of other business resources and training opportunities for Black-owned establishments and entrepreneurs.


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Google has always tried on creating a social media platform that will generate the same or even more buzz than FaceBook, Instagram, etc. In what proves to be yet another shot at creating a social media platform that will gain adoption, Google has started introducing the all-new social profiles within Google Maps.




Here’s what Google said about the feature:

“Today we’re expanding this feature and beginning to roll it out globally. If a Google Maps user has shared photos, reviews or lists publicly, you can now follow them and get their recommendations, advice and updates delivered to your Updates tab in Google Maps.


So the next time you find someone sharing helpful photos of takeout menus, handy lists of your city’s most spacious parks or inspiring photos of local shops and services, you can keep up-to-date on all of their recommendations.


There will also be new topic filters on Google Maps profiles, so you can see topics and places people share about the most, like pizza, brunch, camping and parks. Whether they’re a coffee enthusiast documenting every last latte, or a hometown expert reviewing all things Perth or Phoenix, you can follow other Google Maps users with public profiles to get helpful recommendations about the places around you.”


Actionable Strategy: Google made it very clear that they will not make Google Maps profiles public by default. This means you decide if you want to or don’t want to share every review, photos, videos, etc.


If you are interested in checking out what the public profile has to offer, get started on building your following on Google Maps. All you have to do is, go the Maps app and tap Contribute > View your profile to make yourself followable. There’s also a restrict your profile feature that allows you to approve each follower. To know more about it, visit here.


We will only know if this new social aspect catches up with people or not as time passes. We believe that Google will have to aggressively incentivize people to get mass adoption, get ready for even more cool features soon. Until then, worry-less about early adoption!


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Google’s Local Service Ads, is nothing but locally focused simplified pay per lead program, available for specific industries. Businesses need to go through a screening process where they will be submitting their insurance, license, certification, and degree details. Then they conduct a background check to verify the documents submitted by the business are accurate, and the company is in good standing of all the above.


Also, the business must have a verified Google My Business listing with a review score of 3.0 or higher.


As soon as all the necessary processes are over, the business is approved and brought into Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA) dashboard allowing your brand name to show up in the coveted LSA Carousel:


Google has been offering two different types of Local Service Ads –


  1. Google Screened – It helps professional services like architects, lawyers, real estate agents, and tax specialists to build a trusted reputation online. It has been in beta until now.




  1. Google Guaranteed – It includes almost all the home services industries like plumber, carpet cleaner, electricians, HVAC, etc. And the good part is services that cannot exceed $2000 per Google profile is backed by a money-back guarantee.




Google received immense success with the Google Screened program. And, now it’s taking it out of beta, expanding the business categories that can participate and rolling it out globally.


Actionable Strategy – Before you start, you need to know if your clients are local firstly, you will have to check if they are eligible to participate in these ads because the cost per lead is dramatically lower than other platforms and early adoption goes a long way. If you can be the first in your industry and region, that means low costs lead until everyone else catches on.


Once the competition grows, then your listing is currently ranked within the carousel based on your Google Reviews and your responsiveness to the leads. It’s necessary to manage your ad timings meticulously because you don’t want to miss answering your phone anytime you have your ads running. But you don’t need to worry much as the management of these campaigns is not complicated. The important thing is to manage them.



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