The 5 fastest ways to fail at SEO

The 5 fastest ways to fail at SEO

If you have a blog or a website then you undoubtedly have heard the term SEO or “search engine optimization.” SEO has been the topic of much debate and deliberation over the years and the rules seem to be constantly changing. Learning how to establish successful SEO practices might be tricky so let’s go over the top five things you could be doing wrong that have a negative impact on your search optimization.

  1. Being Clueless On Modern SEO Developments

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The way we use SEO today is much different than we did it back in the good old days, say 1-3 years ago. Yea, the rules change that fast. Every time Google gets wise and makes updates to their search engine algorithm you had best be in-the-know and ready to take action. This also means staying flexible and not relying on black hat tricks to scurry to the top of the search pile.

  1. Focusing Too Heavily On Short Keywords

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If you haven’t already figured this out, Google put the ban-hammer down on keyword stuffing long ago but there are other keyword changes you should be focusing on now. Google and other search engines are starting to get more intuitive and are taking into consideration the new way people search for information using their Smart Phones. That means a heavier focus on long tail keywords and organic phrases.

  1. Using Duplicate Content

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Supplying your website or blog with content is important yet time consuming. Make sure in your rush to get it all done that you are not purchasing and posting duplicate content. If you hire a copy writer make sure to check their work through Copyscape until you are comfortable and avoid purchasing PLR packs as they are overused and will hurt your SEO efforts.

  1. Acquiring A Massive Amount Of Junky Links

Overflowing file cabinets.The number of backlinks (other sites linking back to your content) used to have only a positive influence on your SEO and the more the merrier. However, in today’s SEO world only links from authority sites and top social media sites will be a helping hand to you. A few high authority backlinks will do more good for your website’s ranking than 100 junky links. This is the #1 reason you need to proceed with caution when purchasing SEO services on the cheap as many of these offerings include massive backlinking to just any old site.

  1. Failing To Supply The Internet With Fresh Entertaining Content

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The public’s demand for original content in all shapes and forms is insatiable. Your content needs to be relevant, unique, entertaining and it needs to come at regular intervals. Update your website copy regularly and post blogs on a schedule. Use creative original photos, great descriptions and above all provide useful information.


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