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Google My Business Is Now Google Business ProfileGoogle Finds a Mix of Positive and Negatice Reviews More ReliableEverything You Need to Know About Microsoft Bing Page Insights


Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

According to the latest announcement, Google has renamed “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile”. The Google My Business app will mostly retire in the coming years.

Benefits of the latest update include:

  • To get to your profile, you can search your business name on Google, go to Google Maps app, or search for ‘my business’ on Google Search.
  • You can complete the verification, resolve any issues with your profile, and edit your details easily including address, store hours, photos, and more.Your Business on Google
  • In the coming months, merchants can complete their account setup directly on Google Search and Google Maps.
  • You can see whether your profile is visible to the public. If not, the necessary steps will be included.

Verify to Connect with Customers

  • Google Search and Google Maps now have additional tools to help you better manage your business profile.
  • The changes in-line with this update will soon be evident on Google’s Help Center, Community & Support channels.
  • The GMB website will be renamed to Business Profile Manager and will now support larger businesses having multiple profiles.
  • Google expects smaller businesses to manage their profiles on Search & Maps.
  • Google has shared some new ways to help you connect with your customers easily and increase your business.

After reading the above brief related to the latest update, we recommend you keep a track of the emails & videos from Google or follow Google Business Profile on Twitter so that you can get the best out of your business profile.

Analyze your site?Google Finds a Mix of Positive and Negatice Reviews More Reliable

Customers prefer business accounts that have reviews on their profiles. Reviews next to your Business Profile in Maps and Search can drive traffic to your site & help you get more customers. Google has provided some tips to help you get more reviews.

Best practices listed by Google include:

  • Verify your Google Business Profile
  • Remind customers to leave reviews
  • Reply to reviews to build customer trust

Many business owners have a mindset that only positive reviews can help improve their business, but it’s not true.

Google recently updated the guidelines page and added a new point, “Value All Reviews”. According to this point, honest & objective reviews are more helpful for new customers. A mix of positive & negative reviews is more reliable & trustworthy. The team at Google also suggests responding to customer reviews so that customers know that you care. In case the reviews don’t follow Google’s posting guidelines, the business owner can send a removal request.

Google thinks having 99% positive reviews is not natural, and the team may audit the reviews if such a case exists. So, it’s totally fine to have mixed reviews & this won’t even affect your rankings!

Finally, we think businesses can now share their review link to all customers without fail and stop worrying about negative reviews. However, make sure that you are responding to such reviews.

If you need help with review management, we are just an email away.

See How You Can Improve Your Review Management! 

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft Bing Page Insights

On 23rd November, Microsoft Bing announced the launch of a new feature, Page insights. Now users will see a lightbulb icon on the right-hand side of the search results that provides more details about the search result.

So, what does Page Insights do? Microsoft said, “it provides summarized insights from a page on your search results so you can find what you’re looking for faster.”

Here’s how it looks.

Mars Exploration NASA Google Search Engine Results

Adding more information, the company said, “Page Insights help you verify that the source is relevant to your needs, helps you get caught up to speed at a glance on top factoids you didn’t know about, and lets you jump straight to the relevant section of the page when you click ‘Read more’ for a specific question.”

If you wish for more details, there is a section to “explore more” that will help you find relevant search results.

But as of now, the feature is only available on desktop search results because of the screen size required to properly display the results.

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