Google’s Latest Algorithm Changes

If you’ve been in the SEO space for quite some time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when Google announces an algorithm change. Google is known to make tweaks to their algorithm several times a month. According to Google’s spokesperson Matt Cutts in this video, they tend to make an algorithm tweak at least once a day. Although the daily changes could be minor tweaks, they’re known to roll our major changes every now and then. Over the past weekend, in what was seen as a major victory for Hollywood, Google announced that they are going to rank down websites that are repeat copyright offenders.

This may not seem to matter to you but there are some other changes that was highlighted by searchengineland, a search engine news site. Among the updates that are mentioned in the article were: Site Clustering, Page Quality, Sitelinks changes and other items. Those are things that’s pertaining to your website and you need to be aware of those if you’re into optimizing your website. Check out the article here:

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