SEO and Online Business: Why the Two are Irrevocably Intertwined

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For businesses with an online presence whether it is a blog, website, social media site or something else, the need for SEO has been extolled for years. Since the concept of content optimization was created in the mid 1990’s, businesses that have a presence online have jumped into the realm of optimization of search engine content to get their share of the search engine pie as it was. It’s almost a given nowadays for a business to employ or outsource their own SEO team to make sure that they are bringing in online visitors through optimized website content, but have you ever considered why search engine optimization is so necessary and useful? Understanding why optimizing content for search engines is important can help to not only resolve any lingering questions of whether it’s worth the trouble and money, but help you to understand how it works as well.

The Statistics to Back Up the Need for SEO

There are mounds of statistics available all over the internet about why search engine optimization is so important, but sometimes we can get lost in the multiple sources from which to pull from. That is why one blogger has chosen to take a moment to talk abou the “10 STATISTICS THAT DEMONSTRATE THE VALUE OF SEO” to help businesses like yours see why this practice is so vital to your business’ online presence and success.

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