Social Media Engagement Matters Most

The popularity of social media networks resulted to a trend among businesses and service providers. Today, almost every company has their own accounts on various social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Many are launching online campaigns to increase their number of likes and followers. But is this really effective when it comes to putting your business “out there”?

Sure, increasing followers and likes on social networks may seem like a good way to go. But what’s the worth of having thousands of likers and only 10 people actually talking about your products or services? When you are using social networks as venues for brand awareness, keep in mind that engagement matters most.

User engagement in social networking sites comes in the form for retweets, repins, shares, likes and comments. If you have 10,000 likes on Facebook and you don’t even get a single like, share or comment for something you’ve posted on your network, something may have gone terribly wrong in your process of growing your network. So, the big question is, how do you keep your network interested with your services, enough for them to share your posts to their own networks?

Get to know your Network

Learning about your network’s interests will help you come up with posts they will most probably share, comment on and like. On Facebook, this can easily be done as you have access to demographic data of your likers. Let’s say most of your followers are females under the working class, then you may want to post updates related to your industry that will pique their interests.

Don’t Just Think of Yourself

Social network is a great venue for advertising your products and services. But remember, social media isn’t always about you. When you’re just posting things about your company or what you offer, you’re bound to lose followers.

Make your followers feel you care about them too by also posting updates that matters to them. For example, there’s big news developing in an area where you have a lot of followers, you may want to post an update on that issue. Helping your followers stay updated on things that matter will increase engagement as you can expect them to like your post, comment on it and share or retweet it to their networks.

Be Prompt in Answering Questions

Social networks are very popular because it made communicating with each other very convenient. Since almost everyone is online, many often resort to sending messages via these websites. Clients and prospects may relay their concerns or inquiries by sending tweets or messages to you. If you are not available online and don’t answer social media messages in a timely manner, people will easily lose interest on you.

By building a community that actively supports and participates in your online campaigns, you will be able to make the most out of these social networking sites. Don’t simply focus on quantity. If you want long-term results, you should focus on improving social media engagement instead of simply making your network grow.

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