Social Media Infographic: The Statistics Behind Twitter and Lead Generation

When it comes to social media and specifically Twitter, there is a big divide on whether it is truly beneficial to businesses who are looking to generate leads and increase overall sales revenues. Twitter and other social networking sites are places where people bounce from conversation to conversation as information about businesses, groups and individuals are passed between people. This is a boundless place where businesses can interact with their current customers and they develop relationships with future customers to their advantage.

Why Twitter and Social Media can Benefit a Business for Lead Generation

Of course telling you why something is good for your business may not hold as much weight as showing you, so below you will find a detailed infographic that outlines why social media giant Twitter is a place where marketing and lead generation are readily at hand.

Social Media: A Veritable Goldmine of Potential?

In today’s world social networking sites comprises a significant portion of online interaction from Twitter to Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and More. Roughly 65% of all internet users (which is millions upon millions) use social media to communicate and interact with both businesses and individuals. They get online with the sole purpose of talking about the things they are interested in, learning about the products/services/businesses they don’t know about and generally interacting to build relationship both professional and personal. This is a resource that any business willing to build solid foundations with their customers and build revenue should grab hold of and truly begin to take advantage of in the years ahead.

(Source: Search Engine Land. Top image credit: Dalibor via Shutterstock.)

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