The 5 Principle Concepts of Web Design

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The fact is that web design isn’t just about slapping some HTML tags to a web page and call it a day; it is about creating a pleasing website that achieves an intriguing look and a site that any visitor can easily navigate through. There are 5 principle concepts of web design that allow a website to be functional, pleasing and navigable and we’ve put them together to give you readers an idea of what web design is all about.

#1 – Web Design Balance
Any good web designer knows that a properly designed website has balance. Carefully creating a balance of “heavy” and “light” elements allows a symmetry that keeps the eye from feeling overwhelmed and unable to concentrate on one specific thing.

#2 – Web Design Unity
Nothing pulls a viewer away from perusing a website more than designs that feel like they are warring against each other for the viewers attention. By designing the site to be unified in both concept and artistic design, it allows the visitor to find the site more pleasing and makes them want to stick around longer.

#3 – Web Design Contrast
Like with any artistic medium, web design requires a contrast of colors, shapes, sizes and textures. Websites that are stuck in variations of the same colors, size of texture are boring; the eye needs a contrast of colors, sizes, shapes and textures to keep both the eye and the site visitor entertained.

#4 – Web Design Rhythm
A good web site flows with a distinct rhythm from page to page or from the top of a page all the way to the bottom. A repetition of design creates an internal consistency that allows the viewer to move from one page to another as they systematically visit every section of the website.

#5  – Web Design Emphasis
Like with any advertisement or marketing endeavor a website is about offer something to the viewer and to do that the website must emphasize the most important aspects of the page such as a prompt to purchase a product, to join a newsletter or to simply be informed about something particular. Using emphasis in web design allows the site’s owners to ensure that the visitor gets them information they need or is subtly encouraged to buy a product or service.

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