The Myth that SEO is Dead and Why it Never Will Be

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The myth that SEO is dead has been around for over a decade. Countless people have proclaimed at one time or another that SEO is no longer relevant from web designers to bloggers, journalists, start ups and more. Google has surely done its part toward trying to kill fake search engine optimization practices with Google Panda and Google Penguin, trying to turn their search engine into a “natural” format that only brings up content that isn’t optimized. Even with these programs that are supposed to kill spammy search engine optimization tactics and make it deader than a door nail, the simple truth is that SEO will always have its place on the internet. Optimizing web content allows businesses to format their content so that it is easily found by interested parties and done so in a way as to not only bring good search engine results, but high ranking search engine results as well.

Why SEO will Never be Dead

So why is SEO like a cat with 9 lives, always coming back when countless naysayers say that it’s dead? Search Engine Land recently posted a telling infographic that explains in detail why search engine optimization will never truly die in the article “Infographic: The Death Of SEO, Failed Predictions Over The Years.”

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