Understanding Where Web Design Can Go Wrong for Doctors

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Like with any good web design scheme a doctor’s website much instill trust, value and information without overwhelming the visitor. Some doctors go a little overboard when they have the web design created and that can be a determent to creating that trifecta of trust, value and information. Any web design needs to utilize balance whenever it is created so that visitors feel like their time hasn’t been wasted by not finding the information they need or by finding so much that they have even more questions than they started with.

Web Design Reviews from the People that Really Matter

The New York Times asked readers to give an honest review of a doctor’s website in the article “How a Doctor’s Web Site Can Generate More Business” that is something every medical office or doctor’s office should read. It gives a clear, concise and unbiased look into web design from the people who matter most: the website visitors. When medical professionals go looking for a qualified web design Chicago based firm this article can help in knowing what you need and don’t need for your website.

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