Web Design Usability: Tips to Make Your Website More User Friendly

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Web design is oftentimes thought to be a less complex thing than it actually is. There is a common misconception that website designers simply slap together a site that’s merely pretty, failing to see that intricate processes and functions that the site has behind the scenes that makes that website more usable to the everyday man and woman. Without taking into account how user friendly a site really is that the web design fails at creating a website that is beneficial to the business it represents and the visitors that come to the site in the first place.

What Makes a Web Design User Friendly?

Usability is about creating a website that is easy to read, view and navigate from the homepage to every other page on the site; beyond the task of making the site look appealing, there is the task of carefully formulating a place where visitors can come and traverse from page to page and blurb of information to blurb of information with ease. Sometimes making a website have easy usability depends on the you create it and in the article “10 Usability Tips for Web Designers” you can see first hand what make a web design the ultimate in user friendly.

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